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Chameleon Pharma Consulting with 50 completed projects in the CIS&CEE Region!

The pharma consulting expert for the health care market in CIS and Eastern Europe - Chameleon Pharma Consulting has competed 50 projects within the last years.
(PM) Berlin, 24.11.2011 - The company celebrated this successful record during the participation of the Expopharm 2011. Furthermore, Andreas Masel has joined the management. Together with Reiner Christensen, he is responsible for the company’s key clients and for advising on the strategic development in the CIS and Eastern European markets.

Part of the core business of Chameleon Pharma Consulting, besides M&A and due diligence, is the search for highly-productive pharma partners in the CEE & CIS markets for companies from West-Europe, Asia and the USA.

We are very proud of also advising many Russian, Ukrainian etc. companies in the CIS markets on their expansion plans… Furthermore the company successfully advises local pharma companies in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, etc. on the expansion in the GUS and East-Europe markets, as well as on acquiring financing and possible investors.

With Andreas Masel, the managament’s Pharma expertise is expanding to over 50 years of work experience in the CIS and Eastern Europe region. Beforehand Masel worked in the international magament of, amongst others, Stada, Berlin Chemie, Nycomed, Gehe, Jenapharm and Azupharma.

Our long-standing 50 years network in the CIS&CEE Region is a core asset of us…

“Andreas Masel profitably complements our network with his long-standing contacts to Russia, Ukraine, Romania”, explains Reiner Christensen. This is one of our core assets. Christensen is himself well networked in the CIS and East Europe regions due to management positions at Merck, Höchst, Ferrosan, Richard Bittner, and Omega Pharma.

As an expert for export and international business relations Masel was previously in charge of the acquisition of Nizpharm for Stada in Russia, of establishing business relations in Eastern Europe and the CIS-Countries for Berlin Chemie, as well as international export sales of Nycomed particularly in Romania, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria.

“In Russia and Eastern Europe good co-operations emerge from personal relationships and mutual trust”,-Andreas Masel explains. They can’t be built during one or two trips to the Region. Above all it requires lasting and not only business based conversations.

…We are often asked to participate in our client’s new strategy to gain more market share in the growing eastern markets… When we meet our clients first they mostly do not recognize how much growth potential the CIS /CEE Region offers. “After the first project we are often asked to participate in the company new strategy update to gain more market share in the growing Eastern markets” says
Mr. Christensen.

Before consulting for Chameleon Pharma Consulting he was responsible for the sales & EBIT of international Pharma and OTC enterprises in the CIS and Eastern Europe region. He was and is specialized in setting up business relations in the health care and Pharma market concerning medical devices, RX, OTC, Food supplements and cosmetic products.
Chameleon Pharma Consulting
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Chameleon Pharma Consulting
Am Tempelhofer Berg 6
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