Freephoo makes it possible to call for free with iPad

(PM) Stockholm, 17.07.2011 - Today Sweden based company freephoo launched their free iPad calling application in 5 new European markets; Germany, Austria, Hungary, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. After downloading freephoo, the customer can make calls for free to other freephoo users and low priced calls to both fixed and mobile phones. The iPad has no native support for telephony, but with freephoo all iPad users can finally use their iPads as a phone together with their current mobile number. Freephoo uses the fast growing technology; mobile VoIP.

“iPad is an amazing product but we lacked the ability to make and receive calls. Some see this as a major limitation so we are proud to be able to solve this in a favourable way for all iPad users”, says Pandelis Eliopoulos, Co-founder at freephoo.

Freephoo’s vision is that communication between people shall be shaped by true customer needs. The mission is to create and offer communication services that are truly devoted to the customers instead of geographical borders and network limitations.

Freephoo has been launched successfully in all Scandinavian countries. Some of the remarkable freephoo achievements on Apples App Store are, Nr 8 Top Free Apps, Nr 1 Top Social App, Nr 1 Top Grossing, listed as “New and Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot”. Freephoo was also appointed “App of the Day” by Macworld Sweden.

Freephoo is really easy to get started with. You don’t need to select a username or add a person to a list before calling them. You use your own mobile phone number when calling and the same will be shown at the receivers end. You will also automatically see which of your friends are on freephoo so you know when you can call them for free.

Freephoo is one of the first services on App Store that enables the user to purchase premium minutes through Apples own payment system (In-App-Purchase). It gives the user the possibility to make low cost calls to billions of mobile and fixed phones in a great range of countries.

“We are pleased to see that people are using our premium service, which is one of the key benefits that makes us unique. We are also pleasantly surprised that so many of our users invite their friends to join freephoo”, says Pandelis
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Make free calls from your iPad with the Freephoo iPad app. With our premium service you will be able to call all fixed and mobile phones. Download for free in app store- <a ...
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