Final container inspection with previously unheard of precision

High dynamic LED illumination technology of the latest generation, the most modern Gigabit Ethernet colour cameras and a particularly detailed picture analysis distinguish it: the HEUFT FinalView FO will be showcased at the drinktec exhibiton.
(PM) Burgbrohl / Munich, 10.09.2009 - The new HEUFT FinalView FO complies with the highest quality demands relating to label and closure inspection among other things. This new development which can bes seen in action at drinktec (Hall A5, stand 524) is first class above all where there is a diversity of brands and for the sustainable inspection of the most varied containers.

The device sets new standards for the precise final inspection of newly filled containers. The new development achieves an adjustable, particularly homogeneous, automatically reproducible brand-specific, all-around illumination in order to check the presence, the correct positioning, integrity and equipment of the labels and closures. For this LED modules of the latest generation which are exactly controllable move the containers into the correct light. They are harmoniously illuminated from above and below.

This is achieved without having to make any concessions due to the conveyor chain which lets light through: matt or shiny label areas are individually illuminated so that neither reflections nor shadows can impair the precision when detecting faults.
In addition the extremely modern, high-performance camera technology of the new HEUFT FinalView FO contributes to its particularly high detection accuracy. Up to four Gigabit Ethernet cameras on two levels produce pin sharp photographs from four staggered angles of vision which are combined into a 360 degree view without dead zones and artefacts afterwards. The resolution of these photographs has doubled in comparison with the standard HEUFT FinalView FX (www.heuft.com/lang/en/heuft-fx-finalview_30.html) final product check. The result: a considerably improved inspection of minute details such as BBD and barcode imprints, cutting marks or closure logos.

The photographs are digitised per Gigabit Ethernet and transferred to the perfected HEUFT reflexx image processing technology for evaluation the performance of which has more than quadrupled. It ensures that containers with missing, non-brand, incorrectly positioned, misprinted or damaged labels and closures can be identified even more precisely and that the proportion of costly false rejections is minimised. The new HEUFT FinalView FO also detects symbols or lettering the colour of which is similar to the respective background and rejects the containers in question.

Whether fill level detection or leakage check, vacuum inspection, serial fault detection or an automatic vertical or guide rail adjustment for a fast brand change: additional functions with which the HEUFT FinalView FX already impresses are of course also provided by the HEUFT FinalView FO. The new development can easily keep up with the output of 72,000 containers per hour of the standard final container check; it even has upward output reserves. Furthermore it makes the inspection of oversized containers with a diameter of up to 150 millimetres possible.

The robust and hygiene-friendly construction of the premium device sets new standards for the sustainable final check of filled containers with its completely integrated optical and electronic components and a previously unheard of detection accuracy.

drinktec 2009, Hall A5, Stand 524
Herr Hilmar Wagner
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