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Debitos Speaks at Europe’s Biggest Receivables Finance Conference in Istanbul

This year’s Receivables Finance International conference and exhibition brings together business leaders and experts in receivables finance from across the globe.
(PM) Frankfurt am Main, 13.03.2013 - As the “leading provider of finance industry market intelligence with a particular focus on global factoring, supply chain finance industry, credit insurance and trade finance”, BCR Publishing Ltd. has organized the highly regarded Receivables Finance International conference and exhibition RFIx (www.rfixistanbul.com) since 2001. Taking place in its thirteenth year from March 19-20, the organizers have changed the format from being a conference to a convention. As such, the event will host more than twice the number of presentations aimed at informing senior level executives from the corporate world, various financial institutions, service providers, consultants and industry observers about the growing role that receivables finance plays in the financing market.

The influence of regulatory changes on the receivables finance industry

While it has become clear over the past couple of years that the receivable is an asset and the factoring market has developed rapidly, certain markets still lack a broader education about the advantages of trading unsecured receivables. In this context, the participants will discuss recent changes in law and governance and how these changes will impact the receivables finance industry going forward. A special focus will be set on the role of forfaiting. This year’s RFIx will also cater to the location of the convention and shine a light on how Turkey is becoming the new gateway between east and west in international factoring.

Receivables exchanges as a global phenomenon

The Receivables Finance International conference and exhibition aims at taking receivables finance to the next level. Receivables finance platforms have already accomplished this goal in various countries. As the highlight of this year’s event, the Great Convention Debate will allow factoring and receivables exchange experts to discuss their respective business models with the audience. “Since trading on Debitos (www.debitos.de) has become increasingly international, it is vital for our company to exchange thoughts with experts in receivables finance solutions from around the world. I am thrilled about the opportunity to speak at the RFIx 2013 and look forward to an outstanding event”, says Timur Peters.
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