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Smart Card Trends Until 2018

(PM) Luetjensee, 09.10.2012 - RFID-based public transport ticketing-solutions, contactless payment and personal identification: many contactless card projects are already being implemented or will be over the course of the next few years. The question is, however, will the strong growth continue until 2018? How relevant will NFC become in the near future? These and other themes are addressed in the online survey “Smart Card-Barometer” conducted by PAV and RFID ready. The card industry’s decision makers and experts are welcome to participate in the survey and give their votes on trends and changes in the smart card segment from the 1st until the 31st of October. Results will be presented on the CARTES in Paris.

The demand for card solutions with high security levels is increasing, especially so in the energy sector where smartcards are used for managing access control in plants. “It is mainly microprocessor cards. The chips are equipped with a native card operating system enabling not only data storage, but also processing. Furthermore, cryptologic protocols on the chip improve the level of data security by encryption (like the MIFARE DESFire solution with 2KTDES, 3KTDES and AES128- bit encryption. A file system enables the exact separation and free configuration of the different applications by size, security level, key administration and management of access rights. The data is transferred in accordance with the international standard ISO 14443”, explains Dierk Frchtenicht, Head of Development at PAV.

Another hot topic is the use of NFC. The leading technology for mobile transactions makes – and this is only one of many applications – the exchange of information between devices or mobile payment with smartphones possible. The future development of the contactless infrastructure will determine to what extent the technology will be used. Both Cards and smartphones could thus become the consumer’s new electronic wallet, (public transport) ticket or mobile reader.

The Smart Card Barometer will examine how the smart card market will develop until 2018. The card industry’s decision makers and experts have the opportunity to participate in the survey from the 1st until the 31st of October.
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