Schaerer Medical Sets with an Innovative Extension System for Minimal Invasive Hip Surgery

(PM) , 17.07.2009 - Schaerer MIS Extension brings great advantages for doctors and patients. The system was developed in close cooperation with the renowned specialists Professor Markus Kuster and Dr. Karl Grob from the hospital Kantonspital St. Gallen, Switzerland.

(Muensingen/Switzerland, July 17, 2009) - Schaerer Medical AG sets a new standard with its innovative product for minimal invasive hip surgery. The new system Schaerer MIS Extension brings great advantages for both doctors and patients compared to all products that are currently available in the market. It combines a maximum of precise control when moving the patient’s leg with optimal usability, flexibility and stability. Professor Markus Kuster and Dr. Karl Grob state: “The extension system of Schaerer Medical significantly improves the conditions for the surgeon in the field of hip prosthetics. At the same time, the system can be used in traumatology. This flexibility is absolutely unique in the market.”

With Schaerer MIS Extension, the operated leg can be moved freely or in steps - in rotary as well as in distraction direction. The haul with foot bearing can be adjusted with an angle of 75 in adduction and also in abduction direction; on flection level with an angle of more than 50. Due to the precise mechanics, the surgeon can cautiously move the leg with only minimal effort. Each position can be adjusted precisely. During the operation, the position of the leg can be changed fast and exactly with the help of the ergonomic one-hand manual control. This controlled handling significantly lowers the risk of injuring the abdomen.

Schaerer MIS Extension consists of high quality and very resilient materials. It is manufactured with extreme precision. All movable parts work purely mechanically; there are no hydraulic elements or electric motors. The extension system does completely without support. The patient’s leg is exempted and in this way accessible from all sides facilitating both operation and X-ray enormously. Furthermore, the system does not need a lot of space. In this way, the operating table can be moved and set flexibly in the operation room. Schaerer MIS Extension is compatible to the well-known Schaerer operating table series AXIS 500 and 700 and also to ARCUS 500 and 700.

The innovative extensions system was developed in close cooperation with leading experts in the sector of prosthetics and traumatology Dr. Karl Grob and Professor Markus Kuster from the Kantonspital St. Gallen in Switzerland. In the course of the recent two years, Dr. Karl Grob and Professor Markus Kuster have used the Schaerer MIS Extension in numerous operations. Their ideas and suggestions for alterations and improvements of the system influenced its development. The existing 5th version of Schaerer MIS Extension is technically the final version. It has been tested for several months in numerous operations. Schaerer MIS Extension will be officially launched within the next few months. On the occasion of the SGO congress in Geneva (June 24-30, 2009), Schaerer Medical presented its new innovative product to the public for the first time.

Schaerer MIS Extension is the first product ready for the market after Schaerer Medical was taken over by an investor one year ago. Part of the invested capital has been used in the areas of product development and quality management. The positive effects of these measures already show in the successful development of Schaerer MIS Extension and also in increasing sales figures. Since 12 months, Schaerer Medical has been recording continuous growth - the number of employees has risen in this period of time; further employments are planned. Thanks to today’s financial security, the company is now able to invest on mid and long term into the development of innovative products. Schaerer Medical is resuming its place at the worldwide top of medical engineering.


Made in Switzerland! The Schaerer Medical AG is a leading producer of mobile operating tables, medical equipment and special accessories for all surgical disciplines and ranges of application. For more than 115 years, the Swiss tradition company has been producing operating tables of high quality and has been manufacturing them in Switzerland exclusively; they are distributed on a global scale. Schaerer products stand for highest precision, quality and a long-life cycle. Being a medium sized company, Schaerer Medical is able to flexibly react to specific customer requirements. In consequence, the company can offer individual solutions for any area of surgical application. As a partner of the medical sciences, Schaerer Medical develops and continuously refines its products in close cooperation with leading surgeons and personalities of the medical sector. A network of distributors in more than 90 countries and local service partners guarantee worldwide availability of Schaerer products and first-class local service.


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