Product Innovation: Schaerer Medical Presents Mobile Operating Table with Heavyweight Capacity at MEDICA 2009

The new schaerer® arcus convinces with standard heavyweight capability and elegant design
(PM) Hamburg, 11.11.2009 - (Muensingen/Switzerland, November 11, 2009) - Schaerer Medical introduces a new operating table to the market, capable of carrying patients up to a weight of 360 kg. The well-known stability and solidity of Schaerer’s products reaches new dimensions with this operating table.
The established column-construction allows free access both for surgical and technical demands and defines this operating table as an optimal solution in the operating room. The reach of extension of the column – measuring in standard-situations from 59-120 centimetres – under maximum heavy weight-bearing still is 59-100 centimetres. With this feature, the schaerer arcus provides advantages for many challenges that hitherto have only been possible to a certain extend. Additionally, all standard positions can be reached under maximum weight-loading.
With this innovation, the Swiss firm with a long tradition in surgical equipment reacts to the statistically proven trend of an increase of overweight patients, a tendency having reached Europe from the U.S. The new standard heavy-weight function of the operating table schaerer arcus now ensures that these patients can be operated without any impediment. The schaerer arcus is available worldwide.

The new schaerer arcus types 501, 601 and 701 integrate the full heavy-weight functions as standard and only differ in their electro-hydraulical movability of the diverse parts of the lying surface. Schaerer Medical’s product manager Michael Voegtle explains: „The special challenge was to optimise the present
schaerer arcus functions and to combine them with the new heavy-duty capability without changing the design of the table. We have been testing the table with much more weight than under normal situations: It still operates without fail in the standard A-position, even under extreme load.“ Voegtle continues: „The patient can feel extremely secure also due to the new, innovative antidecubitus cushioning used on the schaerer arcus for the first time.“

The new schaerer arcus types combine mobility with elegant and up-to-date design and state-of-the-art technology. The structure of the tables with their eccentrically positioned telescopable column guarantees maximal freedom of movement for the surgeon and optimal access to the operation field. Additionally, Schaerer Medical offers a wide range of equipment for all surgical disciplines and the newly developed MIS-Extension-System compatible to the schaerer arcus. Through their outstanding stability the schaerer arcus types 501 and 701 are especially suited for these extensions.

Schaerer Medical produces the new schaerer arcus operating tables at its headquarters in Switzerland. The schaerer arcus – in the Schaerer tradition – has been developed under the control of leading swiss surgeons. It offers optimal conditions for all requirements of the surgical routine.

The schaerer arcus is the second innovative product being devised by Schaerer Medical AG in only one year. Due to continuous growth, the firm invests steadily into the development of innovative products and defends its leading position in medical technology.
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