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Lebus spooling systems and Bornemann rope guides – a perfect fit

(PM) Delligsen, 22.01.2015 - Bornemann Gewindetechnik, a leading German designer and manufacturer of screw thread technology, has struck a marketing co-operation agreement for closer working with wire rope spooling systems specialist Lebus International Engineers GmbH.

The Lebus spooling system is well-known in the lifting industry as the standard solution for the smooth spooling of multiple layers of wire rope onto a winch drum. The parallel grooving design for winch drums that Lebus invented more than 50 years ago is today used on all kinds of winches around the world.

As wire ropes have got thicker and longer, and ever heavier tasks have been asked of them, the Lebus system has been shown to maximise the life of wire rope by controlling the forces that act upon it as so minimise wear and tear.
The Lebus system is particularly valued in offshore and marine applications, where the ropes might be as much as 10km long. Proper handling and management of such wire ropes is critical to the success of operations.

The effectiveness of the Lebus spooling system depends on certain criteria, including the angle at which the rope comes onto the drum and the right amount of tension in the line. In many applications this requires the use of a level winder that runs across a diamond or trapezoidal screw spindle.

Bornemann Gewindetechnik has a long-standing reputation for precision manufacturing of threaded components that it custom-engineers for all kinds of specialist industrial winding applications. Among Bornemann’s prized products are these level winder screws for use in winch and hoist systems. It has been making diamond screws for Lebus spooling systems for 25 years. It can machine whatever material the customer requires, including corrosion-resistant titanium and Inconel alloys.

Bornemann’s quality systems ensure that the pay-on gear travels backwards and forwards, trouble-free, in even the harshest environments.

Spooling systems work best when the level winder and its thread are designed to be compatible with the parallel grooving on the drum.

Lebus International Engineers and Bornemann Gewindetechnik are both recognised as leaders in their specialist fields. Their coming together to co-operate in the production of integrated systems is designed to make life simpler for winch manufacturers and optimise the performance of multi-layer spooling systems.

Bornemann head of sales Moritz von Soden said of the relationship between the two companies: “Lebus is universally recognized as the leading expert in multi-layer spooling systems and it is to the benefit of our clients that we work closely with Lebus on the design and production of level wind gear.”

Cris Seidenather, managing director of Lebus International Engineers, added: “Here at Lebus we recognise Bornemann Gewindetechnik as the foremost specialist in the precision manufacturing of screw thread technology. They are a perfect partner for us.”

For more information, please contact:

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Lebus International Engineers GmbH
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Tel: +49 (0) 8806 9589 510
Email: cris.seidenather@lebus-germany.com
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