Pressemitteilung, 10.09.2009 - 16:39 Uhr
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Body and back labelling with only one unit
A world first: the particularly compact HEUFT TORNADO D flex applies two self-adhesive labels at the same time with one unit. It will be showcased at drinktec exhibition (Hall A5, Stand 524).
(PM) Burgbrohl / Munich, 10.09.2009 - The compact new labbeling system has been equipped with the latest technologies which identify moulding seams reliably and use them for a servo-controlled alignment of the containers in order that this is achieved particularly accurately.The HEUFT TORNADO D flex applies two labels (e.g. a body label and a back label) alternately with one single labelling unit and specially constructed guide starwheels. For this the containers pass through the bottle carousel twice. The containers move on to the next circuit when the self-adhesive labels have been applied on one side. For this they are passed to the infeed starwheel again via a transfer starwheel. New containers enter at the same time. The containers which have been labelled on one side are rotated and the second self-adhesive label is applied. They leave the bottle carousel afterwards with labels on both sides whereas the second throughput starts for the adjacent containers. There are two different labels in one unit which are dispensed alternately so that the 2-in-1 labelling is always carried out perfectly. The newly developed integrated moulding seam detection makes the highest level of precision during the application possible. Moulding seams are reliably identified using a combination of the most up-to-date camera technology and highly efficient picture evaluation software and used as alignment marks for the servo-controlled container alignment. The HEUFT TORNADO D flex is the ideal solution particularly for filling lines where space is restricted and a system for applying self-adhesive labels should be accommodated in addition to the existing wet glue labeller - for example for labelling high-quality premium bottles. Because it has a very compact construction and can be integrated into existing lines without a problem. The system is extremely space-saving because the path necessary for rotating the containers and applying the labels is available twice. Another advantage of the double throughput: the already integrated camera technology can be used for different inspection procedures. Furthermore the machine has enough room in order to integrate additional modules for an extensive final check of containers which are particularly extensively equipped - for example to check the quality and the position of the newly applied labels and closure or to also check the BBD, barcode and fill level. The fact that the HEUFT TORNADO D flex manages with only one unit not only reduces its acquisition and operating costs but also its maintenance costs. The superior camera and picture analysis technology for detecting moulding seams make mechanical alignment marks on the container unnecessary and effectively prevent the formation of bubbles which can occur when self-adhesive labels are placed directly on such a seam. This new development achieves a maximum output of 27,000 containers per hour in the case of the 2-in-1 labelling. Another unit can be integrated in order to guarantee non-stop operation. Downtimes during roll changes cease to exist as a result so that a 2-in-1 labelling process is possible round the clock with two instead of four units. Furthermore it is possible to integrate other stations in order to not only label the body and back of a container in a single work process but other areas as well. This technology for which a patent has been taken out is an absolute world first. The HEUFT TORNADO D flex which is particularly space-saving, cost-effective and low-maintenance brings a fresh wind to the market.drinktec 2009, Hall A5, Stand


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