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plista.com opens for the public and integrates Facebook Connect

(PM) , 03.03.2009 - Berlin, March 2nd 2009:

From March 2nd 2009, Berlin-based plista GmbH is opening its personalization and recommendation network plista.com for the public. After a successful closed beta testing beginning this year, the network is now open for all internet users.

Besides an enhanced Firefox extension, the first stable version for Internet Explorer is available for download on plista.com. For the public roll-out, the integration of Facebook Connect into the service was realized, allowing for the import of friends for following their activity across multiple domains. Furthermore the network was significantly extended and supports over 100 German and international Websites.

As an additional add-on for bloggers, plista released its free native Wordpress Plugin. This easy-to-install extension allows for individual recommendations, similar articles as well as Activity Feeds and relevance-based resorting of all articles for every visitor of the blog.

Andreas Richter, CIO of plista GmbH: “During the closed beta, we had the chance to collect a vast amount of feedback and wishes from our users. Based on this input, we were able to improve the service furthermore for the public launch. We are happy to finally present our baby to the public!”

For the upcoming weeks plista announces additional features, such as the plista portal – a versatile destination site for end users – as well as a corresponding Facebook Application. These platforms allow the user together with the plista Browser Extension for a more comprehensive social discovery. Besides the maintenance of user accounts and privacy settings, both platforms focus on additional social features such as friends lists and activity feeds as well as a new social discovery for the whole plista network.

All products are available for free download at www.plista.com

About plista GmbH
Berlin based plista GmbH provides the first platform/network for a personalized internet. Alongside personalization of existing websites, plista delivers individual recommendations in the areas of content as well as retail in real time. Furthermore a social discovery portal enables for finding and sharing relevant content, products and people. plista works simple (through a browser extension), safe (all data is stored anonymously) and free of charge for a rapidly growing number of German and international websites.

The core engine, which has been developed throughout the last 2 years, is based on enhanced Collaborative Filtering technology and is applicable for internet as well as mobile and VoD applications. Besides a browser extension, versatile JavaScript widgets and a sophisticated API is available for integration.

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