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World-Mediation-Centre: A Global Network offering a Multi-Media Online Training Program in Mediation and Conflict Management

(PM) Berlin, 04.01.2012 - Peacekeeping, Peace Support, and Peace Education became a big business. Thousands of institutions and organizations struggle for clients. By daring a look behind the curtain, we need to ask ourselves which of these providers is credible, and what makes such a party authentic or not.

Interesting Trove

By searching the web: … The World-Mediation-Centre, with it’s headquarter in Berlin / Germany, is an international non-governmental network of experts in the field of Mediation and Conflict Management, being represented by local District Managers in several countries throughout the globe. Providing both, a global recognized service in counseling and an innovative multi-media education. Institutionally it is linked to the Peace Operations Training Institute and EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide).

What makes it special:

A) A newly developed interdisciplinary training course that deepens the core competencies of future peace and conflict consultants.

B) A multi-media course concept that is based on individual video-conferences at a high frequency, enabling the coaching of students at a confidential and private level.

C) Very interesting cooperation partners are to be found. The educational course, offered by the WMC, is evaluated with 6 credit points by EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide) and was implemented to their Master’s and Doctorate’s Programs as foundation course. Students who realized the personal educational program of the WMC are also admitted to the courses of the Peace Operations Training Institute that prepares students for UN missions.

D) A very fair course price and structure. In order to enable as much students as possible to subscribe to the program, the tuition fee varies depending on the area were the individual student lives. Hereby three sections are to be found: 1) Europe, North-America, Australia, 2) Middle & South America, 3) Asia, Africa.

E) A unique scholarship program of a max. to 50 %, granted on all three regional prices.

F) A nice student’s aid program. By finishing the course, students have to hand in an academic thesis. This thesis will be published. The corresponding income by selling the books will be used for granting price reductions of future students.

Summing it up: This is definitely the most unique educational setting at the moment. Note: A+.
World-Mediation-Centre - Freiberufler
Herr M.A. Daniel Erdmann
Hohenzollerndamm 182
10713 Berlin
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Das World-Mediation-Centre ist ein globales Netzwerk von Mediatoren und Konfliktberatern. Angeschlossen an das Peace Operations Training Institute sowie der Euclid University wird die Vermittlung von Sozialkompetenz durch Beratung und Bildung angeboten.
World-Mediation-Centre - Freiberufler
Hohenzollerndamm 182
10713 Berlin
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