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Validation of COMPRION GSMA SGP.23 Type B Device Tests Activates New GCF Work Item

Testing consumer devices in terms of their RSP functionality including SM-DS becomes part of the GCF mobile type approval certification program
(PM) Paderborn, 05.02.2018 - The tests specified as Type B by the GSMA are now part of the GCF mobile type approval program. “Manufacturers of consumer devices who want to use their smartphones, tablets, PCs, or smartwatches in the GSMA eSIM environment, now must prove that their devices correctly support switching of the operator. This is done by the GCF certification. It is an important step for a globally compatible eSIM ecosystem,“ explains Frank Oberhokamp, Product Manager for eUICC test solutions at COMPRION.

“Thanks to COMPRION these tests are now part of GCF“, Oberhokamp is delighted. The validation of the COMPRION GSMA SGP.23 RSP Device Test Bench on January 17/18, 2018, activated a new work item at GCF: GCF WI-276.

The GSMA – as the driving force and specification body for eSIM and RSP functionality – has developed a series of specifications with the aim of making the eSIM technology and the relevant services globally interoperable and reliable. GCF is one of GSMA’s industry partners providing certification for the eSIM technology using GSMA’s defined tests.

In November 2017, the validation of Type A tests has already led to the activation of the first GCF Work Item (WI-274) for device tests.

For running the tests, a PC, the COMPRION Connectivity Test Center software, and a Wi-Fi network are required. At GCF, the solution is listed as Test Platform TP 203 (COMPRION RSP Conformance Platform).
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