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VIA Joins Qifang in Supporting Innovative Microfinance Schemes for Students in Western

(PM) , 22.12.2008 - Collaboration will aid students in remote areas in the Ningxia Autonomous Region to
receive the full benefits of a university education

Beijing, China, 22 December 2008 - VIA Technologies, Inc., a leading innovator of power
efficient x86 processor platforms, today announced it has signed a strategic cooperation
agreement with Qifang to help address the educational needs of poor students in western
China utilizing Qifang`s online community education platform at www.qifang.cn.

As the first step in this program, VIA is funding the establishment of a computer lab at
Ningxia Teachers University at Guyuan City in the southern mountain area of Ningxia, and
enabling company staff to participate in the program by making loans to aid students
requiring financial support through the Qifang online platform to complete their

There are approximately 6,000 students attending the university, with a majority from
poor rural areas in Western China. Higher education is a critical turning point for these
students in their self-development and the alleviation of poverty for their communities.
However, tuition is a very heavy burden for their families and students aspire to
financial independence or struggle to find financial support to complete their four years
of university.

Qifang, which means blossom together in Chinese and describes prospering through
education, was founded to provide a means for students in China to finance their tuition
through an online community that pairs students with lenders and donors.

This cooperation provides us with an exciting new way of expanding the global efforts we
have been making through the VIA pc-1 Initiative to extend the benefits of education and
computing access to people living in remote areas, said Richard Brown, VP Marketing, VIA
Technologies, Inc. With its advanced community features, the Qifang online platform will
enable our staff to actively engage in the lives of the students and help them through
this critical time in their lives.

Qifang is an open platform and online community with the mission of giving everyone a
way to pay for their education,? said Calvin Chin, CEO of Qifang. We?re delighted about
collaborating with VIA. On the one hand, we can help VIA and its employees participate in
giving back to society in efficient and transparent ways; on the other hand, we can help
the high potential students in Ningxia Teachers University meet their financial needs. We
hope this VIA program can serve as a model for other companies and individuals to join
Qifang, so we can bring together those in need with those who want to help.

We`re very grateful for the help from Qifang, VIA and its staff, commented Mr Wang, the
Director General of Students' Affairs Division from Ningxia Teachers University, who is
in charge of coordinating the program at the university. ?This program will not only help
students to finance the completion of their education, but will also give the student
population much easier access to education and information resources on the Internet
through the VIA Computer Lab.

About the VIA pc-1 Initiative

The VIA pc-1 Initiative is aimed at enabling the next one billion people to get
connected. With a focus on communication, education and information, the VIA pc-1
Initiative seeks to empower millions of people to improve their quality of life through
technology, especially in emerging markets. Comprising a range of flexible systems based
on VIA?s acclaimed energy-efficient processor platforms, the VIA pc-1 Initiative is a
realistic approach to bringing technology to millions more people within a sustainable
business framework. Of the numerous initiatives VIA has launched to enhance the
technology experience and the quality of life, the VIA pc-1 Initiative has a universal
remit to make a difference to the lives of many more millions of people.

Further information on the VIA pc-1 Initiative may be found on the VIA website at:

About Qifang

Qifang is an open platform and online community with the singular purpose of giving
everyone a way to pay for their education. Leveraging the latest in web and community
technologies, Qifang efficiently brokers data and relationships through a transparent
platform built on trust to connect and assist everyone involved in education finance.
Qifang is committed to maximize social benefits through a sustainable business model.
Qifang focuses on helping poor students to solve the problems of higher education
expenses. Qifang also supports their financial education, learning how to be good
borrowers and guiding them to take advantage of other services in their personal and
career development. Qifang has been named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer of
2009 - the first Chinese company to ever receive this prestigious honor.

For detailed information, please visit: www.qifang.cn/

About VIA Technologies, Inc.

VIA Technologies, Inc is the foremost fabless supplier of power efficient x86 processor
platforms that are driving system innovation in the PC, client, ultra mobile and embedded
markets. Combining energy-saving processors with digital media chipsets and advanced
connectivity, multimedia and networking silicon enables a broad spectrum of computing and
communication platforms, including its widely acclaimed ultra compact mainboards.
Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, VIA?s global network links the high tech centers of the
US, Europe and Asia, and its customer base includes the world?s top OEMs and system
integrators. www.via.com.tw

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