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Solar Industry - No Future for Thin Film Modules?

(PM) , 18.03.2009 - In October 2008 the exhibition “Solar Power International 08“ took place in San Diego, California. The largest show for solar power in North America hosted all well-known market players, both national and international organizations. For VEND consulting the expert team for renewable energies visited the exhibition to further expand their market knowledge in the area of solar energy, to increase the existing specialists network and to acquire participants for the ongoing market survey on the American solar market.

Valuable information could be generated from personal discussions and specific expert interviews, carried out at the exhibition. Some of the findings generated by the VEND consultants are:

1. The majority of exhibition visitors agreed, that the US solar market has a large growth potential, which could even be accelerated by a possible change of US political direction.

2. According to the findings at the “Intersolar” in Munich earlier this year, exhibitors of the “Solar Power International 08” reckon that thin film modules will be subject to huge market growth in the upcoming years. Nevertheless, this market area still requires detailed research regarding market development and technology.

3. However, the forecasted decline in silicon prices could have a negative impact on the success of thin film modules, as it will lead to a shrinking cost advantage compared to the more efficient normal rigid silicon modules.

4. Moreover, it was discovered, that risks and possible mid- to long-term product problems facing the industry sector are widely unknown. The long warranty periods (up to 25 years) for solar modules, for instance, could lead to major financial and corporate image problems due to the lack of long term experiences.

These, as well as further topics are currently investigated in the above mentioned market survey. For the results of the study and additional information regarding the area of solar power, please do not hesitate to contact Madlen Schwing or Frank Muehlmann.

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