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„Social Hotels Worldwide“ Launches on Indiegogo

Do you like relaxation? Do you like helping children? Do you like seeing entrepreneurship at it’s finest? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then this may be something you want to continue reading.
(PM) Novigrad, Croatia, 07.03.2016 - Dragana, social entrepreneur from Switzerland, has just changed the way we make crowdfunding campaigns. She is creating a campaign called “SOCIAL HOTELS WORLD-WIDE” currently on Indiegogo. She has the ambition to open apartment hotels with a social cause worldwide - all based on the same concept: offering an exceptional stay and earning a healthy profit to invest in childrens future.

To realize growth and reach future users the creator has chosen crowdfunding as a platform for to get the word out. The crowdfunding process will allow the creator to see users reactions and help facilitate societal involvement. Crowdfunding is a fantastic and relatively new way of gaining exposure but the team is positive that this will be the key to their success. The goal of this campaign is to reach those who share the vision of social hotels in Croatia, wants to share ideas, and create a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in collaboration with the founders.

The founder says, “We’re confident that these efforts will bring to people something they didn’t even know was missing. It will seamlessly fit into the Croatian culture. This will guarantee that people can be more than they ever imagined.”

"We’re really excited to be launching our campaign", says Dragana Markovic. "With simple features and an intuitive platform, Indiegogo is something anyone can use to jumpstart this campaign.” Take a comprehensive look at what this groundbreaking project is all about. For more information, visit: igg.me/at/socialhotels/x/13365107

And for those who cannot help with donations, they know how far a Facebook “Like” or “Share” can travel. So every little bit counts.
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The world's first crowdsourced Social Hotel in Croatia. We invest 100% of our profits in children's future.
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