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Social Business Collaboration 2014 - Top Stories

(PM) Berlin, Town in Berlin, Germany, 21.08.2014 - Platform Integration & Management, Virtual Teams & Communities, Unified Communications & Video Collaboration, Metrics & Business Value - after a very successful event in 2013, we.CONECT is inviting more than 150 communication leaders, platform professionals and future business evangelists from all over the world to the third annual Social Business Collaboration conference.

“Broad diversity of participants combined with unique engagement format make for a unique conference experience – I´ll definitely be back!”
Nathan Bricklin, Wells Fargo

As part of the popular we.CONECT Enterprise Social Web Series, the Social Business Collaboration forms a vivid and interactive platform to share, discuss and evaluate the most pressuring challenges and latest developments in the field of global online communities, project networks & interactive applications, real-time video collaboration, knowledge management and activity streaming, as well as content and security.

Watch our conference video and get a concrete view of what is expecting you on the Social Business Collaboration 2014.

Highlights in 2014 are Keynote Sessions from the following industry leaders:

• MIT / USA - Federico Casaligno, MIT – Mobile Experience Lab, Director, will explain how to utilize new media for social innovation projects on a web and mobility basis, fostering collaboration in Smart Cities, by using cognitive mobility as a modus operandi, integrating a web and mobile platform into a social context and leveraging innovation and creativity within a digitally designed framework.

• BNP Paribas Limited / France - Judith Will, Head of Knowledge Management, will discuss the facilitation of Social Business Collaboration in virtual communities and introduce community management at BNP Paribas Cardif. She will explain how to define your community project and prepare your launch, along with the reasons why community coordination and management are so important.

• European Commission / Belgium - Julie Guegan, Communication Expert, will focus her keynote presentation on digital tools & online collaboration as a challenge within a supranational organization as well as details on how the “Community Management Initiative” at the European Commissions has levered cultural change.

The Social Business Collaboration 2014 is a great opportunity to network and benchmark projects and strategies in combination with large information flows and know-how from the field. Participate in the Icebreaker Session on the evening before the conference to get to know your peers. You get to enjoy the benefits of collective intelligence during the World Café, which will give a new, stimulating impulse to your business strategy. Meet with excellent business partners and discuss processes, solutions and products face-to-face. We enable you to talk about more industry themes and issues than you expect – be surprised by how valuable our Challenge Your Peers Roundtables will be to you.

Individuals interested in attending, sponsoring or finding out more about the Social Business Collaboration 2014 should visit: collaboration2014.we-conect.com
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