Incredible Features wählt MomaPIX, um seine Webpräsenz zu verstärken

Incredible features with the international agency based in Los Angeles has MomaPIX selected as their web platform for photo library.
(PM) Rom, 17.05.2010 - Rome, 17 May 2010 - In the first days of August 2009 took Stacey Linh, creative director of the California Incredible Features photo agency, in their mailbox a message with the title "MomaPIX - Personalized service for photo agencies.

Stacey was the message at first mistaken for spam that escapes the control of the company's firewall was and was about to delete it, but as the title of your curiosity aroused and they stopped. She opened the message and began to investigate. From that day until today there is a continuous relationship between Stacey and MomaSoft that promises for the future, anzudauern a long time.

After an initial inquiry by e-mail and the immediate response, Stacey received by the technical-commercial staff an invitation to a Web-Meeting for the presentation of services.

Stacey explains: "In September we met every day in a week on the Internet, sometimes these meetings lasted for hours, sometimes within minutes submitted. I realized immediately that I had to deal with technically experienced people who were seriously involved in the search for suitable solutions for my needs. "

Incredible features, offers a unique collection of images and video for editorial and commercial use. Stacey wanted to renew their Web presence and accelerate the flow of work within the agency and was, therefore, to sell on the search for a means by which it would be possible to manage image and video material both as well, and also help promote these new services reasonable.

A month after the first e-mail, in September 2009, Stacey decided that the time was ripe, she left Los Angeles for four days and traveled to Rome, where she could meet the experts at MomaPIX to discuss the final details and to sign the contract.

A few days ago, seven months after signing the contract, we asked Stacey to comment on their choice and to tell us what has happened since then:
"When we decided to update our agency website, the choice fell on the MomaPIX system, convinced of the many integrated functions in the service and the ability to adapt to our specific needs. The team, which MomaPIX has placed at our side was, for us with all the necessary support at the beginning of extraordinary and fundamental in the subsequent months of our growth. "

This agreement reinforces MomaPIX continue its role as a company to which one looks up, for those agencies that are looking for a valuable partner for the appreciation of your video and photography portfolio on the web.

MomaSoft is a global company with headquarters in Italy, which MomaPIX develops and distributes worldwide the only product. MomaPIX PLUS is a video and photo archive management, while e-commerce tool MomaPIX ONE is the single-user version for photographers. With these two product categories MomaSoft strives for a leading position as a provider of professional solutions for the management and marketing of video and photo archives on the Web. MomaSoft can provide a full range of solutions and value-added services that can easily meet the needs of each customer.

Company Contact:
Tel: +39 06 45214668

Incredible Features
Incredibile features is an international photo agency based in Los Angeles and a sales network in more than twenty-five countries. Specializing in unique and unusual stories and focusing on different topics such as people in the exercise of extraordinary undertaking, stunts, animals, business, world famous personalities, Incredibile feature offers a unique collection of images and video for editorial and commercial use.
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MomaSoft ist ein globales Unternehmen mit Sitz in Italien, das MomaPIX entwickelt und weltweit als einziges Produkt vertreibt. MomaPIX PLUS ist eine Video- und Foto-Archivverwaltung und gleichzeitig E-Commerce-Instrument, MomaPIX ONE ist die ...
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