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EUCLID’s Higher Education at a new level.

Multimedia Online Master’s and Doctorate’s Programs in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.
(PM) Deutschland, 10.01.2012 - Multimedia Online Master’s and Doctorate’s Programs in Mediation and Conflict Resolution – EUCLID’s Higher Education at a new level.

Status Quo: The field of providers for innovative education at a university level is crowded. Fancy course names hopefully bring prospective future students to the point to think about the sustainable real benefits for one’s professional life afterwards. The fundamental question is: Who brings in something new? What about a fair price level, beneficial contents, interesting networks and unique structure?

Interesting Trove: EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide | Euclid University) is an intergovernmental institution of higher learning listed by the UNESCO-based International Association of Universities. EUCLID’s educational mission is to provide high-quality degree programs to governmental officials and to the general public, regardless of location and citizenship, but especially to residents of developing countries.

Benefits: It is not just the institutional idea “to ensure peace by providing education to countries of need” which makes EUCLID relevant. More importantly, it is the academic solution offered. Students and corresponding tutors jointly decide individual curriculum contents, an affordable price structure makes the programs within the reach of a wide range of people, the international lecturers make the learning process quite interesting, scholarships are arranged for citizens of many countries.

Next steps: As of January 2012, EUCLID is enrolling students in its newly designed Master’s and Doctorate’s programs in Mediation and Conflict Resolution. These courses were developed by Prof. Laurent Cleenewerck, Prof. Roberto M. Rodriguez and Daniel Erdmann, Ph.D.cand. who is also the General Manager of the World-Mediation-Centre. By this means, EUCLID is once again building on the focus of the institution. Existing courses, such as: Inter-Religious Dialogue, and Diplomacy and International Affairs are now completed by the important tool of Mediation and Conflict Resolution.
World-Mediation-Centre - Freiberufler
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Das World-Mediation-Centre ist ein globales Netzwerk von Mediatoren und Konfliktberatern. Angeschlossen an das Peace Operations Training Institute sowie der Euclid University wird die Vermittlung von Sozialkompetenz durch Beratung und Bildung angeboten.
World-Mediation-Centre - Freiberufler
Hohenzollerndamm 182
10713 Berlin
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